Alycia Scott Zollinger is a performer, curator, educator and compassionate facilitator. She develops classes, projects and exhibitions to address socio-political issues from digital incarnation to the intricacies of gestation, and the intimate journey of deepening our understanding of ourselves and others. She has worked across continents, languages, and disciplines, to conceive, participate in and organize public events bridging international artists with local organizations, artists and venues; on a mission to bridge the divides within us and throughout our larger communities. Alycia has performed around the globe in spaces ranging from theaters in Russia to balconies in Guatemala, a graveyard in Mexico and art galleries in the United States.

Her classes embody a spirit of direct compassion and support to move more deeply into understanding and conveying the cellular pulses within our experiences. Rooted in intentional movement as a mode of poetic intervention and connection, she continues to weave her movement backgrounds in dance, yoga, ritual and Butoh into dynamic multi-media offerings promoting community engagement, public thought, and individual action.

Alycia holds a Masters of Art in Art Administration from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a Certified Registered Yoga Teacher with the International Yoga Alliance.  She is currently in the process of becoming Certified at the Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy.