Deepening Sense

Deepening Sense is a therapeutic practice created by Alycia Scott Zollinger which integrates intentional movement, breath and meditation with body psychotherapy, yogic principles, and core energetics. Her private one-on-one sessions are designed to release clients from trauma and open the portal to boundless self-reflection and love. From the first session, you can begin to feel a shift in your body-mind awareness leading to more clarity, empowerment, and mindful embodiment.  

Through intentional breathing, meditative movement, dynamic stillness, and intuitive ritual, a Deepening Sense session is rooted in listening to your intentions, and guiding you in more deeply attuning your mind, body, and spirit. A session can be fun and lighthearted or emotional and cleansing. It can be directed toward addressing stressors, trauma, or other issues such as anxiety and depression; or it can be restorative and energizing.

What is a session like?

First, we talk. I meet you where you are in the moment. I listen to you and help you to identify what is at the core of your current situation. As you talk, I observe the way your body gestures as a way of sensing where your body may be holding or distributing your energy. Then, I may invite you to utilize breathing exercises, intentional movement, or mindful somatic practices.

Each session facilitates a deepening of your own awareness of the sensations and energy in your body. This helps you to liberate bound energy, emotion, and patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you. By integrating these new understandings in your cellular memory, you can further cultivate the life you want to live.

Clients use my sessions to reduce stress, unbind the energy of trauma, address patterns in their life, release anxiety and depression, or restore and energize. A session can be fun and lighthearted or emotional, nurturing and cleansing, depending on your goals.

“You do not need to seek freedom in a different land, for it exists within your body, heart, mind, and soul.” BKS Iyengar


Alycia is an incredibly powerful and intuitive woman. The deepening sense work she is cultivating is saturated with the powerful possibility of real transformation. If we would all be brave enough to engage this work, our world would become unrecognizable. I have been a yogi and mediator for 20 years and it was not until I had the honor of working with Alycia that I found true integration in my body, mind, heart and spirit. This work heals the wounded psyche, gives us the opportunity to hear and honor the voices in ourselves that our loud lives render mute. It frees the bound body. It lifts and lightens the heart. Alycia creates a sacred space to feel whatever arises, and be prepared, it will rise up. You will cry, and there she will be holding that space for you, without judgment, with pure love. ~ Kim T-E.

For 3 decades, I have practiced yoga almost daily, including during my 2 pregnancies.  I practiced relentlessly, even at those times, only to discover how damaging unbalanced practices can be. I had incredibly, beautiful and problem free pregnancies with natural births. Somehow, after my son’s birth, my hip labrum tore in such a way that it left me limping, unstable and in excruciating pain. Soon after the birth , I met regularly with Alycia as she gently guided me through a more balanced, harmonious and feminine practice than what I was practicing at that point. It helped me regain emotional and physical stability incredibly fast, but it is really her energetic work on my hip, lower back and legs that allowed space for deep healing to start taking place.
I am familiar with energetic treatments, having studied the marma system through Yoga, but I had not yet received treatment that was so deeply connected to the deepest layers of my energetic body. I can compare the opening and release of my fascial lines to that I experienced in myofascial and craniosacral therapy sessions, and I also felt similarities with a marma massage. Yet, what I had not encountered before was the awareness that healing can really be invited through a healer’s hand in such a way that it leaves you humbly bowing to your ancestral self, therefore opening many more doors for healing to happen on a multidimentional level. I am so grateful for Alycia’s willingness to have treated me when I needed it the most, and also for her intelligence in guiding the healing in such a way that I did not think of it in terms of ‘words’ or ‘concepts’ that would have seemed way out there for a European skeptical person only recently relocated to the West of the United States.” Camille L.

“I have absolutely loved working with Alycia, first as a part of the community cast in Ovum, and then as a regular attendee of her Deepening Sense workshops. Before working with Alycia, it’d been years since I’d taken a dance class or danced much at all. From the first time I walked into her home studio, I felt safe in her presence and under her guidance as a teacher. I love the intuitive way in which she teaches, a way that feels deeply attuned to whatever theme we are exploring, the energy and experience of the participants and group as a whole, and the natural elements of the world. In her classes, I feel encouraged to experience whatever movement is spontaneously seeking to rise up out of me, without judgment or expectations to do things a certain way. I leave her workshops feeling more connected to my body, to my heart, to my spiritual path, and to my own deeper presence in the universe. Her teaching is a gift, as is her bright, loving and penetrating presence.” Anne K.