I teach because I believe intentional connection is in need. I am driven to create moments for genuine presence with self, community, nature, and the world around us. I believe movement and arts integration have an innate ability to poetically challenge students to see, feel, write and express more keenly. I have seen integrated movement and mindfulness dissolve boundaries and build new empathetic foundations where people can be empowered to consciously connect, accept, and receive the complexities of human nature. This is what drives me to teach. Teaching is an opportunity to share collaborative practice in a physical engagement of  compassionate action and vivid embodiment of the human experience. I am driven to continue developing and fostering space for emergence, risk, and deepening sense that happens in the deliberate practice of stillness and motion.

From performance and mindfulness, to photography and writing, Alycia has taught and utilized the combination of multiple art mediums and healing modalities as modes of connection and communication. As a teacher, she is both a facilitator and a compassionate ally for her students to deepen both their artistic practice and human being. She believes in a process of discovery that integrates developing mindful discernment and broadening perspective within one’s growing capacity to relate, transform and empower.

Insights …

“I have absolutely loved working with Alycia, first as a part of the community cast in Ovum, and then as a regular attendee of her Deepening Sense workshops. Before working with Alycia, it’d been years since I’d taken a dance class or danced much at all. From the first time I walked into her home studio, I felt safe in her presence and under her guidance as a teacher. I love the intuitive way in which she teaches, a way that feels deeply attuned to whatever theme we are exploring, the energy and experience of the participants and group as a whole, and the natural elements of the world. In her classes, I feel encouraged to experience whatever movement is spontaneously seeking to rise up out of me, without judgment or expectations to do things a certain way. I leave her workshops feeling more connected to my body, to my heart, to my spiritual path, and to my own deeper presence in the universe. Her teaching is a gift, as is her bright, loving and penetrating presence.” Anne K.

“I found Alycia’s work to be  infused with both technical and creative styles of Yoga, Butoh and somatic awareness. She has a gift of intuitive sensing of the needs of her participants in order to help them meet new parts of themselves. My experiences learning from and with Alycia have been deeply nourishing, helped me find a sense of ritual and grace in the seemingly mundane and given me a chance to look within my body to reveal parts of myself I didn’t know where there.” ~ Robyn B.